Player Training Center

What is a Player Training Center (PTC)?

PTC is a coaching facility for all soccer players, developmental through elite, with the primary goal to establish fundamental skills to better prepare them for a higher level of soccer in the future. Each PTC program is tailored for each player, small group, team or club and delivers technical and tactical training sessions in a structured, progressive, fast paced and challenging environment as we try to emulate the situation players find themselves in during a match.

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    Individual and Small Group Clinics

    Technical coaching for 1 to 6 players, aged Under 8 to Under 18, delivered in your community or at our facilities, outdoor and indoor. Player development profile and evaluations will be completed to maintain a record of each individual's progress. Sessions may run as needed, and the cost of each training, Camp or Clinic is dependent upon the duration required, requirements and location.

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    Team and Squad Camps

    Tactical and technical coaching designed for players at all levels, from Intermediate to Premier, and teams aged Under 8 to Under 18, in Clubs, Schools and Colleges. The objectives of these camps are to improve tactical development, understanding, vision, awareness and decision making. We provide functional training, coaching units of players to understand their roles and responsibilities within the team model, phase training to improve a team's ability to recognize and apply different tactical methods and strategies when defending and attacking. These camps can be delivered in your community, or at our facilities, outdoor and indoor, with coaching sessions designed on match evaluations and specific needs analysis information obtained and gathered in preparation for the training. camps and clinics may be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 consecutive days, ranging from 1.5 hours to 4 hours per day. The cost of each training Camp or Clinic is dependent upon the level of the player, duration required, training requirements and location.

Sessions and Topics

>    Passing – Push, chip, driven, lofted and curling passes.

>    Ball Control – Foot, thigh, chest and head control.

>   Dribbling / Running With Ball – Comfortable using all parts of the feet, close control, change of pace, change of direction, feint and dummying, decision making, fast footwork, ball manipulation and movement.

>   Defending – Role of the first / pressing defender, role of the second / covering defender, role of the third / balancing defender, ball winning / tackling, when to mark player or space

>   Finishing / Shooting – Short range finishing inside the box, long range finishing around and outside the 18 yard box, and dribbling, volleying and finishing from crosses and free kicks.

>   Combination / Creating Space – Wall passing / 1-2’s, overlap’s, take over and lay off, cross over and split runs, blind side runs, losing your marker, diversion runs.

Our Player Training Center is located in communities throughout the region providing custom training camps tailored and delivered to suit many requirements, for soccer clubs, schools, YMCAs and Recreation Centers throughout the region. If your organization would like to host a camp in partnership with Performance Soccer, please contact us to discuss a suitable program.