Performance Soccer Opportunities

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Pursue your passion and make it a career. Love of the beautiful game, making a difference in kids' lives and making soccer a way of life, is what motivates us.

Performance Soccer has soccer training and career opportunities for qualified, highly motivated soccer coaches looking for more than just collecting a paycheck. We provide opportunities for male and female soccer coaches who have a desire to teach, motivate and inspire youth soccer players of all ages and ability levels, as well as improving themselves as coaches. This is also a business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs limited only by your desire and vision to see what is possible.

Qualified applicants will have a strong soccer background, as a player, a teacher or a coach, along with, or ability to obtain, relevant soccer coaching qualifications. As a trainer, you will instruct or coach groups or individuals in the fundamentals of soccer and sportsmanship. You will demonstrate techniques and methods of participation, evaluate athletes' strengths and weaknesses and improve the athletes' technique to prepare them for competition.

Performance Soccer is a Premier Training Center dedicated to providing advanced soccer training and education services to players, families and coaches throughout our local communities. To apply, contact us.

Why Consider Performance Soccer?

If children bring a smile to your face and you truly enjoy interacting with them.

If you have a passion for, and a background in, positively impacting youth through sports.

If you are a visionary, a hard worker and entrepreneur.

If you are a person of initiative and relish stepping through doors of opportunity, while conquering challenges.

If you have had success leading teams/persuading others AND demonstrated an ability to be a contributing team member.

If you have not just dreamed of starting your own business but have given serious thought to your experience, skill set and career goals and don't know where to start.

What will you be doing?

Plan, organize, and conduct training sessions.

Adjust training techniques, based on strengths and weaknesses of athletes or groups.

Arrange and conduct sports-related activities, such as training camps, skill-improvement courses, clinics, and pre-season try-outs.

Keep abreast of changing rules, techniques, technologies, and philosophies relevant to soccer.

Instruct individuals or groups in sports rules, game strategies, and performance principles, such as specific ways of moving the body, hands, or feet, to achieve desired results.

Provide training direction, encouragement, motivation, and nutritional advice to prepare athletes for games, competitive events, or tours.

Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations.

Contact the parents of players to provide information and answer questions.

Monitor athletes' use of equipment to ensure safe and proper use.

Hire, supervise, and work with extended coaching staff.

Help develop and arrange training schedules and programs.

Plan and direct physical strength and conditioning programs that will enable athletes to achieve maximum performance.

Teach instructional courses and advise students.

Explain and demonstrate the use of sports and training equipment, such as hurdles, agility poles, agility ladders, resistance belts and weights.

Keep and review paper, computerized, and/or video records of athlete, group or team performance.

Perform activities that support our organization, such as participating in community outreach activities, meeting with media representatives, and appearing at fundraising events.

Select, acquire, store, and issue equipment and other materials as necessary.

Counsel student athletes on academic, athletic, and personal issues.

Coordinate travel arrangements and travel to away events and activities.

Assist in the development and management of our programs budget and fundraising activities.

Evaluate athletes' skills and review performance records to determine their fitness and potential in a particular area or level of play.

File reports that detail player assessments, provide recommendations on club and player movement, and identify locations and individuals to be targeted for future recruitment efforts.

Serve as organizer, leader, instructor, or referee for outdoor and indoor programs, such as Futsal and tournaments.