Camps and Clinics

Our Player Training Center (PTC) and Goalkeeping Academy provides custom training camps tailored and delivered to suit many requirements, for soccer clubs, schools, YMCAs and Recreation Centers throughout the region. If your organization would like to host a camp in partnership with Performance Soccer, please contact us to discuss a suitable program.

Our PTC camps and clinics range from basic fundamental development to advanced elite player training related to specific positions. Camps duration can be between 3 to 5 days depending on the number of hours delivered each day.

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    Sessions and Topics

    Our camps and clinics may be designed to introduce basic fundamentals of individual technique. They are delivered in dynamic training sessions, coaching the key factors of each aspect in a challenging and fun environment, at a pace players can handle technically but with expectations to strive harder on perfecting their technique. Players will be given the opportunity to try and perform their refined skill in a specific conditioned match related game during every training session. These sessions may also include active discussions on communication and systems of play.

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